Fleet Management 2012
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    Independent reporting since 1980. No advertising.

    Fleet Management is a professional journal dedicated to guiding and informing vehicle fleet managers as they build their fleet operating knowledge and administrative skills.

    Every monthly issue of Fleet Management focuses on the
    day-to-day challenges and long-range trends of fleet policy,
    cost control, driver safety and vehicle management. In addition, survey-based articles are published throughout the year, each providing current and historical data trends and benchmarks representing a broad range of fleet managers and fleet departments across the U.S. and Canada.

    Fleet Management’s editors zero in on the issues that matter most to professional fleet administrators, delivering relevant industry news along with informative fleet operating data and commentary. Just as importantly, we do not engage in advertising sales or the presentation of vendor marketing materials presented as “news.”

    Regular monthly Fleet Management features include:
    Fleet Industry Notes, Carmaker Highlights, Vehicle Recalls,
    Fleet Safety, Alternative Fuels Update, News at a Glance,
    nd our long-running Two-Vehicle Cost Comparison, where
    each month we present a side-by-side comparison of fixed and operating costs, along with dimensional data, for a pair of
    similarly equipped fleet models, from compacts and luxury cars
    to pickups and SUVs.

    We invite you to become a reader. Please subscribe online today or call us at 423-485-9910 for more information.

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